Ms. Pam Marcoline

In accordance with the Illinois School Code, all students are required to take physical education unless they have a written excuse from class.  A doctor’s excuse will be required for any absence from physical education class exceeding one day.  Doctors’ excuses should specify the limitations and duration of the limitations.  Students excused from physical activity will not be allowed to participate in recess or extracurricular activities.


Appropriate shoes are required.  These tennis shoes must be kept at school and can only be worn for physical education class. Sweats may be worn in cooler weather; however, it will be up to the discretion of the physical education teachers. Junior High students are required to wear the regulation physical education uniform, consisting of a white Dee-Mack shirt and red Dee-Mack shorts, Students must have tennis shoes, which must only be used for physical education class.  Blouses, panty hose, tube tops, etc., may not be worn under the uniform.  A torn uniform must be repaired or replaced.


It is the responsibility of the junior high students to have their uniform and be dressed for class each day.  If students do not have their regulation uniform, they may participate, but will receive a NO DRESS for that day and the grade will be lowered.


The locker rooms are for the purpose of changing into the physical education uniform.  No physical education uniforms will be stored in the lockers in the locker room.  Junior high students are required to keep their physical education uniform in their personal locker assigned to them at the beginning of the school year.


If a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements to make up the work that was missed.  If the work is not made up by the end of the grading period, the student will receive a zero for the work missed.  Grades will be determined by assessing the student’s skill/fitness, attitude/participation, and written tests. Students are considered tardy if they are not in line when attendance is taken.  

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